Deacon Media is a promotion, booking, and management company located in Stoney Creek that focuses on #LiveMusic in #HamOnt (Hamilton, Ontario) and surrounding areas. We are currently working on a few projects on our own and a few with outside sources.

Currently we are closely connected to Boxo Studio and the Barber Shop Podcast.

Current Services

Individual Poster Design … $25 ($30 with an Event Cover)

This will be an 11×17 image, saved in PDF format and emailed to you upon completion. If you require us to print them for you, that cost will be extra. Rush orders (anything within a week of the event) are subject to a $10 additional fee and no printing orders will be excepted within 3 days of the event.

Contracted Poster Design … Minimum $80

This is the same service as above, however you agree to a minimum one month contract and at least 4 posters during that month. The cost is reduced to $20 per poster with printing again being extra. Rush orders are the same but repeated rush orders, more than one in any given month, will result in termination of the contract deal.

Basic Transparent Logo … $25

This is a simple and transparent image that can be used as Brand identification on almost anything including social media and posters. More complex logos can be negotiated individually.

Face Time … $20 per Hour

There are many venues and artists that still do not have a Facebook presence. Facebook Pages and Groups can make a real difference on your Brand. Others, who have a presence, seldom if ever update their activities which leaves those seeking information without a clue. This service can be to setup your Facebook presence for the first time, including a Page or Group or both, or can be used on an ongoing basis to maintain your presence on Facebook. Setup will require 1 hour. Maintenance will be based on 1 hour per day. You choose the number of days you want to work with during the week. You will also need to commit to a minimum of 3 months of the service. During that daily hour it will include updating all events, posts, happenings, photos, etc. It will also include acknowledging all traffic through your page or group, responding to questions, etc.

Other Social Media

Others services may be available based on individual circumstances. Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You should look into LinkedIN and Google+ personally.

Event Booking … 10% … 15% with Promotions Included

We can help you find a gig, or even setup one with you. If you choose to include promotions, this would include a Poster and Event Cover design, along with full Social Media promotions and Blog inclusion.

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Contact Us …

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