Back to the Beginning

From the beginning, Deacon Media was and is all about Everything Entertainment. So …

The Deacon in the City of Music:

What I would like to do, moving forward, is conduct a series of interviews with local talent for this blog. These interviews would be published on a set day either once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly. I would like to showcase some of their music, talk about who they are, what inspires them, and where they see themselves as they move forward. This would be step one, since my mobility is still limited, and it would be something I can still do from behind the keyboard.

Step two is to expand out into the city and talk more about the venues and the city itself as it pertains to music and entertainment. Above is the logo everyone seems to have adopted to show the world that Hamilton is essentially the Music City of Canada. That is in my opinion and that of many, but may be disputed at any given time. During this step, once my ability to get out and about improves, I would like to explain and hopefully prove this opinion.

Step three would be to delve back into the PodCast world, perhaps with a monthly Vlog? I had a brief foray into this back in the days of Boon’s House with the Deacon Blues Approved segment on Blues Blast which aired on Mohawk Radio. It was brief and short-lived as my time was limited, as was my equipment and experience.

So, this outlines my… goals… moving forward. I may not get to all three steps of this plan as quickly as I like, but it will remain my target.

Back to Step One :

All that being said, it would be nice to get some input. This can be from venues, city officials, artists, fans, etc. Who should I ask to do a small interview piece as I expand this step? Should it be you?

Please reach out via email or facebook.

Music Mondays start on May 6th, with Bonnie Hamilton. Maybe this would be a good start? Maybe my dear friend Chad Pilon, who I know will be performing many time over the summer and is involved in a special charity dear to my heart as well? (Also subject of the preferred image for this post, taken at Boon’s House some time ago)

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Deacon’s Showcase #4 – Chad Pilon & Friends

We are back again! I have taken over the bookings at Sam”s Old Tyme Tavern, so I really hope this means more showcases, more individual shows, and more events!! This one is very dear to me …


Close to 4 years in the making! One of the most talented performers I have ever met! Chad will be joined by some of his friends and I promise you that you will not be disappointed!

Nancy Vincic :

Marcus Henderson :

Chad Pilon :

ONLY $10 Tickets!!
Tickets are available through Chad & his friends! I also have limited tickets but either way, I can put you in touch with all the right people. 🙂 Call or text me at 289-489-6870.

Deacon’s Showcase – October!


Deacon Blues is proud to be presenting his second Showcase of 2014. This time, bringing together some blistering rock with some hammertown grunge.

MEDIOCRE consists of Sarkis Samuel, Pat Reilly, and Justin Blake. They are three musical warriors intent on destroying the corporate music world and rebuilding it from the ground up. Samuel, the front man, was born in the sewers of Toronto. There, he met Blake, and together they have create Pat Reilly from their darkest, wildest, imaginations. This band is going to leave it’s mark. From the dresses that Sam wears to Pat’s jazzy drum solos, they have something for everyone, and yet, no one. Sit up and take notice, mediocrity is here.

DFP is a three piece, blue collar, rock band band from the Hammer. They have been rockin’ since 2007 and had a few members come and go. In 2014, they have official become Done For Pleasure when Rob Truchon joined as the bass man. There is also Shawn Poirier on the skins and Brock Berry on guitars and lead vocals.

Only $10 … Tickets can be purchased through the bands and not to worry, there will be a few at the door for you stragglers.

Deacon’s Showcase!

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”  – Victor Hugo


.-= So back in March I held my first showcase event. It was a lot of trial and error, but in the end, it was a huge success. I originally put it together under the Deacon Media banner, but my life has taken some odd turns over the last year, and that part of my life has been placed on hold. After thinking on it for a few months, I do not want to stop showcasing local music. My motto is “Some things just have to be said.” and I am holding to that with my blog and these pages. In this case, Some Things Just Have to be Heard!

I am currently working on another showcase, now simply under the banner above. We are aiming for late September or early October. I hope to have details for it very soon. You can expect to entertained for about 3 hours. The venue is set for now, but down the road I may just expand to other places. You can count on fair prices and good service. For now, that is all I going to share about the upcoming show.

So how does it work? This part is mostly for those who may want to be part of the showcase. Obviously, the venue has limited space. For that reason, I only print up a limited number of tickets. I book three performers, each to do a full set of about 45 minutes. These can be solo artists or bands and can be of a variety of musical genres. When a band wants to be a part of it, I do some homework. If I don’t believe in the act, they don’t get booked. It really is that simple. If they do get the spot, each act is given an equal number of tickets to sell. I have a small number set aside for the door. What the act sells is what the act makes. I collect any money made at the door. I promote the show, print the posters and the tickets, and make sure the basic PA is set up at the venue. The venue must agree to have a PA or agree to cover the cost of renting one. Each act must provide their own equipment and be able to set-up and take-down quickly. Acts may contact each other and perhaps arrange the sharing of some equipment, which I strong encourage especially when it comes to a drum kit.

I want to promote local talent and share it with the city. For a very reasonable ticket price (around $10), people will be able to get not just one band, but three. I hope to hear more from everyone soon, and I look forward to sharing my showcase events with you all.

– Deacon Blues (dkn_bluez)
July 28th, 2014

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