Weekend Music Listings & More #86 – 07/21/27

… Bye For Now …

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There is no easy way to say this, so I will come out and just say it. For the next little while, I am hitting the “pause” button on #JustPreachin. I’m not sure for how long, but it has to be done.

Over the past few months, my health has been getting progressively worse. Yesterday I woke up with one of the worst headaches I have had in months, full out vertigo, nausea, and the neuropathy pain was unbearable.  This of course triggers my anxiety and the worst moments of depression I have had in over a year. I had to work so that I could afford my rent. I managed to get through the day without reaching out to anyone, which was perhaps a stupid call. Not like I was really thinking clearly anyways.When I got home, all I could think about was needing to get this blog out this morning. Once again, almost a full out panic attack. This blog has been my vent for some time now, and I fully intend to get back to it. However, when it now seems to dictate my decisions and affect my health, it is time for a break.

I am slowly working on my health issues and hopefully soon applying for disability, which bothers me and scare me to death. I have no intention to stop working and live off the system. I am currently stuck in a nasty rut. I am missing so much work because of a variety of physical and mental health issues. When I miss that much work, my paycheque reflects it. I can barely pay my bills let alone pay for the multitude of medication that I require to function on a healthier level. Without the medication, my health gets worse… repeat.  When I am sick and can’t work, the stress only makes it worse, triggers the anxiety and in turn pushes me down the rabbit hole of depression… repeat.

I need to take care of myself and these issues, hopefully get things in motion. I only hope you all understand and will accept my return when the time is right. I am sure to post events and a few things, but I just can’t devote the hours of time each blog post I have been. I had hoped to monetize things at one point, but again, this will have to wait. Love you all.

July 21st, 2017

My Picks…
Dan Croll – Emerging Adulthood
Goldfinger – The Knife
In This Moment – Ritual
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band – Lay It On Down
Sara Evans – Words
The Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Barefoot In The Head

Other Options…
Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life
Meek Mill – Wins & Losses
Nine Inch Nails – Add Violence
I Set My Friends On Fire – Caterpillar Sex
Foster the People – Sacred Hearts Club
Avey Tare – Eucalyptus
Childhood – Universal High
Cornelius – Mellow Waves
To Speak Of Wolves – Dead In The Shadow
Tyler, The Creator – Scum Fuck Flower Boy

#HamOntMusic #ThisWeek

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♫♪.ılılıl Friday lılılı.♪♫

Sidewalk Sounds with Ginger St James on Concession Street (Mountain)
Mississippi Bends at The Cotton Factory (Central)
No Dick Pics Please at the Hamilton Fringe Festival (Downtown)
Sunset Salsa Cruise on Hamilton Harbour Queen (Downtown)
Living Room Rockstars at Corktown Pub (Downtown)
Ragdoll at Pub Fiction (Ancaster)
The Lisa Klassen Band Bobbies (Mount Hope)
80s Old School Dance Party at Casbah (Downtown)

♫♪.ılılıl Saturday lılılı.♪♫

Burlington Food Truck Festival at Spencer Smith Park (Burlington)
Rat Rod is a Rockin’ Tracie’s Place (Mountain)
The Rizdales at Cadillac Lounge (Toronto)
The Rockets at The Albion Falls Block Party (Mountain)
Trout Lily at the Bangkok Spoon (Dundas)
Dwight Yoakam at The Danforth Music Hall (Toronto)
Dan Edmonds, Coszmos Quartette and Emma VanDyk at The Cotton Factory (Central)
The Jesse James Medicine Show at This Aint Hollywood (Downtown)
Cootes Paradise at Oddfellows Hall (Dundas)
Fry Truck at Lincoln Alexander Centre (Downtown)
East End Babylon at Black Sheep Snack Bar (East End)
Naughty Nights with Ginger St James at LouDawgs (Downtown)
Haunted Cruise on The Hamilton Harbour Queen (SOLD OUT!)

♫♪.ılılıl Sunday lılılı.♪♫

The Hammertown Throwdown to Smash Cancer! at Gorilla Cheese (East End)
Sunday Blues with Rick Taylor at Bay City Music Hall (Downtown)
Trickbag at King West Bistro (Dundas)
The Cockney Rejects with the Brass at This Aint Hollywood (Downtown)

#ComingSoon in #HamOnt

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August 3rd at Mississippi Queen Foods
Ginger St. James & Snowheel Slim

August 5th at Gage Park
ONtour: Hamilton

August 18th at Frontier Ghost Town
Jalopy Jam Up Car Show

September 8th on James Street North
Super Crawl 2017


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July 21, 1990 – Roger Waters performs the classic Pink Floyd album The Wall at the Berlin Wall. Having left Pink Floyd, he is joined by The Band, Scorpions and Cyndi Lauper. Over 200,000 attend.

July 22, 1979 – Little Richard, who has been preaching of his salvation throughout the United States, makes his famous statement, “If God can save an old homosexual like me, he can save anybody.”

July 23, 2011 – Amy Winehouse dies in London of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.



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Trickbag – Every Night of The Week

Ginger St. James – Beer Bottle Pockets


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Let negativity roll off you like the water off a duck’s back.



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