Been awhile since I added other businesses to my Deacon Blues Approved part of this blog. Time to add three new ones now …


If you’re looking for a GREAT breakfast, then it may be time to head down to Stoney Creek and check out Sunnyside Grill. Please don’t confuse this with the places at Centre Mall or Eastgate that have a “similar” name, they are nothing in comparison. The food was good, the portions will large, and the service was amazing. It can get busy at times, so you may have to wait a little, but they are efficient. The server I had was fast and friendly, not talking too much but more than willing to have a brief conversation if YOU want. This had to make my list.

Next on the list is the BEST place in the GHA to find unique and licensed collectibles and weapons. Into Dragons? Swords? Skulls? etc. Then you need to visit The Dragon’s Lair Unleashed on Ottawa Street. You won’t be dissappointed with the trip. I spent about a half hour just looking at the shelves on amazing pieces.

So, the last place on my list is a gem in the East End of Hamilton and is a great shop to get a tattoo done, and if your not into ink, that’s okay too. They are also a full service barbershop as well. Clean and friendly and one of the first businesses to jump on board to support the community and any other worthy groups in need. I highly recommend Soules Classic Barbers & Ink Ltd.

Please explore the city and feel free to share the places you find and the ones you love the most.


What can I do to help?

flyer_01I probably should do more when it comes to my blog, but as we all know, life often gets in the way of what we should do or can do. So I want to share with you a way I have chosen to help, and perhaps you could find a way as well.

Recently, I was brought onto the Board of Directors with an amazing charity, the Home Hospice Association – Hamilton / Halton Chapter. I hope to help with event planning and organization, local connections, social media, and anything else they feel I could help with. First though, a few people I need to thank.

Firstly, Terri Viola-Wilson, for seeing something in me that she felt would benefit others. Terri is the Executive Director for the Hamilton / Halton Chapter. Now onto a few other people; Chad Pilon for jumping on board almost immediately to help with performing at an upcoming event, Bill Watson for agreeing to make time to help arrange and setup sound at an upcoming event, and Tim Soules for coming on board to help plan for a series of events to benefit the organization. Thank you all for what you can do to help.

So what is all this about? The Home Hospice Association mission? “To deliver hospice palliative care in a non-institutionalized environment where compassion and culturally sensitive human connection are hallmarks.” Both palliative care and hospice care provide comfort. But palliative care can begin at diagnosis, and at the same time as treatment. Hospice care begins after treatment of the disease is stopped and when it is clear that the person is not going to survive the illness. 70% of Canadians want to die in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by those people and things they love. Sadly, 84% of Canadians do not have access to Hospice Palliative care for many reasons. What are you willing to do about it? What can you do about it? “Just as it takes a village to raise a child, that village is equally responsible to care for their dying. We want to be part of your village.” How is that for a statement?

HHA (Home Hospice Association) is new to Hamilton / Halton but is not completely new. They are a recognized charity. This chapter will start off with two programs, but can and I am sure will open up into others as things develop. Both these programs have meaning for me, and they the main reason I am so passionate about this organization. The first is Pre and Perinatal Hospice which will include the HOPP (Helping Our Precious Pediatrics) program. I am sure this requires no explanation, but if you want details, please click HERE. The second program is the Bello Project, which journeys with the pet along the path of their loved one’s life-limiting illness to maintain the unshakeable bond between pet and pet-owner until death occurs. So if you can’t see why I stand with HHA and behind them, you can stop reading.

What can you do to help? Financial, Compassionate, and Active. Financial support is always crucial to any charity. As non-profit, they have to have a way to cover various incurred expenses. You can donate in a variety of ways, but the one I am going to suggest first is the Moonlit Memory Walk. This will be held on September 12, 2019 at the Knights of Columbus hall on Queenston Rd across from Parkdale Park. There will be food, there will be entertainment, and most importantly their will be memories. You can register as one or as a team. You can walk for one or more of your lost loved ones. A minimum $25 fee helps the cause. Compassionate support takes an emotional commitment. Not everyone can do this, but for those that can, you are needed more than ever. Are you able to provide that comfort and support to those in need of it? Then you can help. Active is something that most of us can do, regardless of our physical or financial limitations. Do you knit or craft? Can you help circulate flyers? Can you man a table at an event? Can you make phone calls or work online?

The HHA needs volunteers in all areas. I believe we are even looking for a few new board members, but that may change. Please check out their website, and that of the walk. Just highlight the website again, Home Hospice Association.

Please follow Chad Pilon on Twitter, support Bill Watson with his Photography and Sound business, and of course Soules Classic Barbers and Ink.

I challenge ALL of you reading this far … GET INVOLVED. If not with this, then with something meaningful. No matter how bad we have it, somebody probably has it worse. Is there anything at all you can do that would make somebodies life better? Then why don’t you do it.

Back to the Beginning

From the beginning, Deacon Media was and is all about Everything Entertainment. So …

The Deacon in the City of Music:

What I would like to do, moving forward, is conduct a series of interviews with local talent for this blog. These interviews would be published on a set day either once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly. I would like to showcase some of their music, talk about who they are, what inspires them, and where they see themselves as they move forward. This would be step one, since my mobility is still limited, and it would be something I can still do from behind the keyboard.

Step two is to expand out into the city and talk more about the venues and the city itself as it pertains to music and entertainment. Above is the logo everyone seems to have adopted to show the world that Hamilton is essentially the Music City of Canada. That is in my opinion and that of many, but may be disputed at any given time. During this step, once my ability to get out and about improves, I would like to explain and hopefully prove this opinion.

Step three would be to delve back into the PodCast world, perhaps with a monthly Vlog? I had a brief foray into this back in the days of Boon’s House with the Deacon Blues Approved segment on Blues Blast which aired on Mohawk Radio. It was brief and short-lived as my time was limited, as was my equipment and experience.

So, this outlines my… goals… moving forward. I may not get to all three steps of this plan as quickly as I like, but it will remain my target.

Back to Step One :

All that being said, it would be nice to get some input. This can be from venues, city officials, artists, fans, etc. Who should I ask to do a small interview piece as I expand this step? Should it be you?

Please reach out via email or facebook.

Music Mondays start on May 6th, with Bonnie Hamilton. Maybe this would be a good start? Maybe my dear friend Chad Pilon, who I know will be performing many time over the summer and is involved in a special charity dear to my heart as well? (Also subject of the preferred image for this post, taken at Boon’s House some time ago)

#BeADuck … #OneLove … #HamOntMusic

The Nerd in Me

April 4th, 2019

Since ending up jobless and waiting on doctors to sort some things out for the disability process, I am often finding myself with nothing to do. Years ago, many of them, I used to enjoy Role-Playing Games. Mostly Dungeons & Dragons, but have played many over the years including World of Darkness, RiFTS, Gurps, MERPs, and Mech Warrior. I decided to get back into it.

So, RPGing can be alot of fun, but it requires other people. Those people need to find the time with their busy lives to get together in one place for several hours at a time. You need to determine a place the works for everyone which can be difficult when I am not fully able to get around easily. Then finding a way to get those people to the place to play. So far, it looks like I have found that place and some people to play. Exciting.

Now, when it comes to the pictures above… Crafting is something I have always loved to do. Usually more so on the larger side of things like designing and building my son’s desk and soon my own. Building my own headboard and eventually bunk/loft bed. That kind of thing. Even re-purposing items I find about town. This type of crafting has taken a back burner because I am now unable to do some of the work required. I have fat fingers… hey… I’m not a skinny person. Doing smaller things has not been easy. Doing smaller things on a STRICT budget… near impossible. Thank God for dollar stores! Above I put together a little custom dice box for my son, who has decided to join the RPG world for the first time. I have a few more designed for other players, but in time.

Purchased over the past months from dollar stores: Paints, Brushes, Glue, Mini Screwdrivers, Nail Files, Foam Core, Paper, Cutting Tools, etc. Then purchased some odd little boxes, chests, painting frames, etc.

The above dice box is a small wooden box. I’m sure you have all seen them. Take apart the box. Being VERY careful… those damn screws are TINY. With my fat hands, almost lost a few. Using nail files, sand down the box to make sure to get rid of burrs and the like. Take measurements of the inside and top of the box to use for the computer side of things. Paint the box with the base color you want. Let dry. Paint again. Dry. Paint. Dry. On the computer, in Corel, design and print out the images for the inside and top of box. Glue the paper to foam core and let dry completely. Cut out the sized pieces and glue to inside and outside of box where you want them. Bead glue around the edges of the foam core. Let dry. Paint and touch up any exposed areas. Once dry, since I have been unable to afford a proper sealant, I just used glue, applying an even coat over the entire piece. Dry. Repeat. Once done, put the box all back together again. Thankfully I had help as my FAT fingers made this extremely difficult. Box done.

I know it does not look like anything special, but it took days. Most of the time spent is waiting on stuff to dry. Even with dollar store purchasing, it can get costly for these little crafts but most the items will last me quite awhile and can be used for a variety of other crafts. I has given me something to do… something to help fight the depression. It gives me small senses of accomplishment. It keeps me excited while I wait to play the game in the near future. I have other projects in the works… DM Screen… Dungeon Tiles… who knows what may come next.

Just wanted to update the blog today, and with something just a little different. So… call me a Geek… call me a Nerd… whatever. I have heard it before, but it has given me something… which is all I needed… something to focus on. Perhaps you can find your something… just don’t be afraid to look and to share.


This little snippit was taken from a dictionary source online…

Tuesday Is Named for a One-handed God Named Tiw. Who Is He?

Yes, it’s true, there’s a wild story behind the god who lends his name to Tuesday. Tiw’s remarkable myth involves women with beards (more on that in a bit). Regardless, the past 1,000 years or so have not been kind to this Northern European divinity.

Who is Tuesday named for?

To make a long story short, it seems that Tiw used to be a big shot, up there with Odin and Thor in Norse mythology. He may even have been chief of the gods. But culture can be fickle and cruel. Nowadays it’s not clear who he was exactly, or how to pronounce his name. We just have hints. There’s a lot to like about Tiw: He’s a war god, associated with courage and combat. He may have had a female companion named Zisa. And listen to how he lost his hand: There was a huge wolf named Fenris who was prophesized to eventually kill Odin, king of the gods. Understandably, the gods decided to restrain the beast while he was still growing. Fenris kept breaking his tethers, so the gods asked the dwarves to use their magic to craft a super leash called Gleipnir.

There are also bearded women: “It was made of six things: the noise a cat makes in foot-fall, the beard of a woman, the roots of a rock, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish, and the spittle of a bird. And though thou understand not these matters already, yet now thou mayest speedily find certain proof herein, that no lie is told thee: thou must have seen that a woman has no beard, and no sound comes from the leap of a cat, and there are no roots under a rock.” (From the Prose Edda.)

Fenris wouldn’t let the Gods bind him with Gleipnir unless one of them stuck his or her hand in the wolf’s mouth. Only Tiw was brave enough to do it. Snap! That’s how Tiw lost his hand. But at least the poor guy still has the day between Monday and Wednesday.


#AlwaysKeepGoing #OneLove

#OneLove Must Include Loving Yourself as much as Others.

#SomethingNew ??

First off, let me say, “Happy St. Paddy’s everyone!”

It’s a Sunday and I know it has been forever since I really posted anything new. I have things in mind, but until I am able to better manage, I am taking it slow. The pain, my medications, and the like have made this past year difficult.


I’m hoping to due a little write-up each Sunday, showcasing amazing talent. I like to focus on Canadian talent first, starting as close to home as I can. I may however talk about others as well.

This first showcase I am shining a spotlight on Sue Foley. Foley was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and spent her early childhood in Canada. She learned to play guitar at age 13, became interested in blues music from listening to the Rolling Stones, and played her first gig at age 16. After high school graduation, she relocated to Vancouver where she formed The Sue Foley Band and toured Canada.

By age twenty-one, Foley was living in Austin, Texas and recording for Antone’s, the blues label and historic nightclub. Her first release was Young Girl Blues.

Foley has toured steadily with her band, toting her signature pink paisley Fender Telecaster. In 2001, she won the Juno Award for her CD, Love Coming Down. Foley has also earned seventeen Maple Blues Awards and three Trophees de Blues de France. She has also garnered several nominations at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis, Tennessee.

2018 marked Foley’s return as a solo artist with her latest album, The Ice Queen, which featured guest appearances by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Jimmie Vaughan.

Her newest release, The Ice Queen, is a refreshing burst of energy for Canadian Blues releases. There is a great blend of Modern Electric Blues (“Come to Me” featuring Charlie Sexton) and Classic Blues (“Send Me To The ‘Lectric Chair”).

#DeaconBluesApproved … Buy “The Ice Queen” Now!

#BeADuck … #OneLove

What’s Going On?

Just wanted to say Happy New Year. Yes, I know it’s February already but it has not been an easy journey this year through the holiday season. However… here I am. I’m not going anywhere.

There are some things in the works, including a collaboration with Bill Watson & Ken Bettes to bring you a monthly event helping to bring some more light to Local Hamilton Artists and to raise some money for the Boys & Girls Club of Hamilton.

I am also still working on some ideas for a weekly showcase (different themes) every Saturday night. Each event will also help with a local Hamilton charity. This has been taking more time than I would like but I am moving along with it.

Thanks for you patience and for sticking with me … Deacon Blues